Monday, July 12, 2010

Alex's Twilight Birthday Party!

This year, we hosted alex's birthday party at a hotel with a pool. It was, of course, a Twilight party.  Alex LOVES the Twilight series now. The girls had a blast.  I almost forgot to add alex's favorites for this year (thank you Amy for the idea).

Alex's top 10's this year (no particular order)

1. Ipod
2. Texting/cell phone
3. Twilight movies/books
4. Dance/Dancing
5. So you think you can dance Show
6. Her dork glasses
7. Silly Bands (she has around 230)
8. Collecting erasers
9. Collecting Stickers
10. Facebook


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  2. That birthday party is so cool!
    You are defiantly the cool mom!!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. :)

  3. sorry, it just duplicated the post, so I erased it :)

  4. That is a ton of fun! I love the Twilight themed party. Very cool! Loved the cake, and blood treats and drinks. Plus, I may have to steal the 10 favorite things list. You are very creative. :-D Happy Birthday 12th Birthday Alex.

  5. Ok even though it's fall..I'm having pool envy!! Your daughter's party looks so fun. Did you have the cake made? I love the Twilight Series and I'm looking forward to the last movie.

    Katharine @ Kat's AlmostPurrfect World

  6. Hey dear!! I am so glad to know about Alex's Twilight Birthday Party! Everyone in this party is looking very happy. My nephew’s 10th birthday is also coming and we would love to host the party at one of the best LA venues. You know I am really interested in using a unique theme for this. Can you suggest any ideas?


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