Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jadite green!

I am going around in my mind on deciding the colors I want for my kitchen.  Do I want another khaki room?  Beige?  White?  or do I want some color?  Jadite green maybe?? Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage??  I have found some inspiring pictures on other blogs and websites to show what I like.  What do you think?  Green? Im SOOOO confused on what to do?  On one hand I think I should play it safe and stay neutral, but my heart is telling me to just do what I love and what will make me happy.... stay tuned!

This collage has the seafoam green I LOVE!  But is this too radical for my kitchen?

and I like this green (which could possibly match with my jadite dishes)... This blogger has a creative decorating style. It looks a lot like Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.

Vintagekitchen on rate my space has lots of seafoam green in her house...

more seafoam accents with milk glass/jadite green dishes...

Jadite Kate has GREAT pictures on her blog...


I could play it safe and just do a darker khaki.. Kinna boring though? This is what my cabinets will look like (hopefully), as well as the counter tops.

Im driving my husband nuts with this!!

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