Friday, June 4, 2010

The baseball game that never happened...

Last night we were scheduled for a game, but the visiting team never showed up.  So, this was a great time for the boys to get in a good practice in.  Gavin got to practice his pitching & sliding skills... He just loves to slide.  They practiced about an hour, before we got home in time for the big storm that came in... It didn't last long though. After hearing the tornado sirens, the kids grabbed all of their stuff & ran down into the basement. They packed "all" of their valuables (games, books, blankets, food...), just in case they had to be down their for a while. It only lasted 20 minutes.  ;)

Those brown eyes are enough to melt your heart.

Brenna being silly... She was looking at her reflection in the lens.

Coach Daddy

Gavin removing his pitching heart guard...

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