Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had just made it back from spring break the night before easter.  On easter morning, I got up at 7am and rushed to Kroger (I had no groceries in my house), to get some pot roasts, veggies, potatoes and drinks.  Then home to get ready for church & to have the kids find their easter baskets. My family were on there way shortly to go to the easter service with us.  After church, we came home and I put the roasts in the oven.  The kids painted easter eggs, and John & Duane went outside to hide plastic eggs filled with coins and candy.  Gavin collected the most eggs this year, but they all had a blast.  Then inside we went for a nice Easter dinner with my mom, dad, grandfather, sister and her family, and my husband & kids.  It was a beautiful day!

                                                      What was I staring at?  I look weird.

Shame on you Nikki, giving your children McDonalds before Easter dinner!! lol.

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