Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010 ~ Charleston, SC

We had a lovely time on spring break this year. I have been to Charleston a few times, and we have been talking about (for years) up and relocating there this summer or next. So, John got called for an interview with a Biotech company down there, and off we went. The week was filled with a lot of tourism and castle building on the beach. We took a carriage ride in the historic district, floated to Fort Sumpter on a ferry, took the kids to the Low country Childrens Museum, visited Boone Hall Plantation (a beautiful place, and my favorite day), and toured Mount Pleasant with our realtor. She showed us 4-5 houses in the area. I really liked one of them in the Snee Farm neighborhood. Its an older development built on a plantation in the 1970's. The neighborhood is also on a golf course, with lots of tennis courts, swimming pools and other recreational activities. The houses are larger and full of character. There are lots of colonial style homes. I fell in love with the area. When you drive through the neighborhood, you pass large oak trees with spanish moss draping over the tree top canopies. Its just lovely. John did not get the job he interviewed for, but we are optimistic that we will be there one day soon. Its all in Gods hands on if, when, and how we get there. We will continue to pray!

                                                           Boone Hall Plantation

Daddy comforting a tired little girl

Alex, Hannah, and gavin

House where part of The Notebook was filmed

                                        Slave quarters

                           Isle of Palms, SC

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  1. Love the pictures and the things you did in Charleston. Sorry to hear you won't be transferring at this time. Maybe there's an even better opportunity for him later.


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