Thursday, April 15, 2010

Women of Faith is asking Bloggers to share their List of 10 things we wish we knew before we became mothers - so here's my list!

1.  There would be no modest bathroom time!  Every time I have to go to the bathroom, Abigail swings the door open and brings in all of her toys (and starts setting them up, like its her playroom).  What is that all about?

2.  Changing diapers would last for 11 years.  Enough said there!

3.  The only quiet time I would get would be bedtime. Sigh...

4.  That being separated from my kids (during sleep overs, date night, etc...), even though they drive me crazy, would be so hard.

5.  My house would never again stay cleaned (for longer than 10 minutes). NEVER! Once the kids are all out of the house, the grandkids will move in.

6.  Temper tantrums & screams at the library will not be coming from someone else's kid, it will be from my sweet little Abigail. She has no filter.

7. Laundry duty will be never ending, and clean clothes that I just folded will always-somehow end back up in the dirty laundry basket.

8.  I will feel like the worst parent in the world, have many meltdowns, lock myself in the bathroom, and feel like running as far away from my house as I can possibly get.

9.  Sometimes ice cream for dinner is just fine!

10.  That being a mother is the best thing that will ever happen to me, even through the good, bad, and ugly times.

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  1. Love the blog, Toni! What a great idea. You have such a beautiful family! I will enjoy following this with the hopes that you can inspire me to be a better mom, too! :-)


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