Friday, April 16, 2010

A trip to Home Depot

Today I went to Home Depot to price counter tops, flooring, and paint.  Picking out a counter top was difficult, since I want to incorporate the jade green.  I didnt find any that would match that color scheme.  I did find one that goes well with robins egg blue. Not sure about it yet. I need opinions??  I LOVE the flooring. Its a hand scraped dark walnut.  I picked out the faucet I want, but again Im not sure if I should go with a white sink or stainless?  I have stainless steel appliances, but the cabinets will be white.  Any opinions there would help a lot.

Restoration Hardware drapes (for the breakfast area)

Would love to go with granite, but really Im just updating to sell.  Wont be here forever.

White sink?

or Stainless?  (I have a black granite sink now that wont match)

The floor on the right is the one I like.

One day, I want this for my den and living room. Light or dark?

Pottery Barn bar stools.  I want three of them for my bar/countertop.

Example of how my cabinets will HOPEFULLY look! ;)

Here is my kitchen "before" I start with the renovation. These are those lovely oak cabinets I was talking about. And the gray counter top. What was I thinking? Oh, and the lovely laminate flooring... need I say more?

The black granite sink will definitely not go with white cabinets.

The breakfast area.


  1. we have very similar tastes, so I love all that you've picked out. As far as sinks, I'd go with the stainless steel.

  2. Love the dark floors with the cream cabinets, as well as the paint color and countertops you've selected. I would probably go with the stainless sink, too. Easy to clean. I have a white farmhouse sink that I REALLY wanted when we built the house and I am not a big fan of it now. I would probably do stainless from now on. Check my facebook page photos and there is a photo of my dining room with almost the same paint color. Mine is called Summer Sorbet, it's at Lowes...Valspar Seaside Retreat colors. Can't wait to see how it turns out! :-)


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