Monday, April 19, 2010

Vinyl wall art

I finally ordered the vinyl wall art for my kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  I have been wanting to decorate with it for quite a while now.  I think it gives a home character, as you can see in the following examples.  These blogs below are where I got my inspiration for my wall art.   Thank you SO much Jolene!

The first one is My Sweet Savannah.  She is probably my favorite home designer.  If you get a chance, go to rate my space and see all of her pictures. You will be amazed at what she has done!

I ordered the:

Kitchen 21 Words Border... to go around my kitchen, close to the ceiling.

Taste • Mix • Whisk • Chop • Bake • Blend • Stir • Roast • Boil • Steam • Dip • Whip • Melt
Mince • Grate • Glaze • Puree • Fry • Recipe • Pour • Broil

My bedroom inspiration came from Just Beachy.  She is an extremely talented designer.  Her blog is here. I could browse her blog all day long.  She has TONS of decorating ideas, and loves teal like me.

This is her bedroom.  I ordered a capital H monogram in black, for above my bed.  

After my kitchen is finished, I am going to trim my bedroom walls like in the picture above.  She gives detailed pictures on how she did it on her blog! I think it will make a HUGE difference in my bedroom.

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