Friday, April 16, 2010

Kitchen remodeling plans

Even though there is a possibility that we could move this year or next, my kitchen is DRIVING ME NUTS!  I have oak cabinets that scream 1990 even though my house was built in 2005.  So I want to update it with fresh paint, curtains (or plantation shutters), and distressed cabinets.  I went to goodwill yesterday with abigail, so she could find some "new" books (recycled, as I say), and I found this vintage jade green bowl.  I paid $2.99 for it!  Its my inspiration for my kitchen. Im going for a vintage/shabby/modern- paula deen meets martha stewart,meets rachel ashwell, meets pottery barn look. If that makes any sense? I love vintage dishes and table cloths/napkins. So, Im going to try to incorporate this. My kitchen/living room is an open floor plan, so whatever I do to my kitchen has to "match" my living room. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the lettered cottage, my sweet savannah, and many other blogs/websites. This blog has the antique white cabinet color I like. Its a Benjamin Moore paint color... The color code is: OY 16   GY 12   BK 0.5   OG 0.5.  

I also LOVE this peice from Royal Oak Cottage.  Its $225.00 + $90.00 for shipping.

I plan on starting when the weather stays cooperative with me.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks or so.  I will keep everyone updated and take lots of pictures. Wish me luck.

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